The back story

Why did we build this?

The simple answer is, we needed it, we had been using Microsoft app center and previously Xamarin Insights. Although these free platforms offer summarised information about the users of our apps, we found we wanted more and were restricted by the App Center UI but not the data it collected.

We looked into the market, talked to our app customers at the time and nothing did what we wanted whilst also staying inside of Azure.
Creating parity

Replacing what we had.

First we had to recreate what our customers had with App Center already and wanted access to. We could fix a few things straight out of the gate.

  • To see a collective view of an app on multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.
  • To be able to share insight data without having to give full App Center access including to build and release.
  • Get user usage data for specifc days of a week and times in a day.
Taking thing forward

So what can we do next :)

With all data logging now stored within your Azure app insights from Microsoft App Center (keep with us). We discovered we could run advanced queries and present that data is an awesome way. We could also use that data to train machine learning models to show us future predictions of actions or scenarios.

We could get alerts from email or slack that notified us to changes of behaviour and/or if a particular issue was happening, we would find out about it before mass users became aware so we could resolve the issue.

This lead us to focus on 3 key pillars within insights.run:
  • Insights - See what has happened
  • Alerts - See what is happening
  • Predict - See what is going to happen

Whats next? Give it a try