What it is all about



Track popular and custom metrics in your mobile app to understand your user behaviour better. Identify the versions your users are most active on for support periods, see the most popular times of use to ensure server performance or timed marketing activity.

We provide common and interesting insights that you can use to make better business decisions.

User management

Add your team to insights.run and by using user management you can assign each team member to different areas without affecting access to App Center.


Having a near real-time view of what is going on in your mobile app is great but you can't stare at the screen 24/7.

Alerts allow you to set conditions to get notified about, wondering when you have hit 2,000 users in a day or when daily sessions drop below 500.

See what is around the corner


Being able to get a glimpse or guidance to the future is always going to be beneficial even if you don't act on the data provided. Our prediction engine takes the existing data and runs many permutations of models across your data to help see you what the likely trends are over your metrics.

See the likely amount of revenue you will make on a Tuesday afternoon or how many bookings your reservation app will take at 8pm on Friday night. As well as showing these predictions we show you the accuracy confidence so you can decide how you implement a given insight.

We model your data daily so you can always be making decisions on the latest information available .


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